Extensions for Natural Hair

Extensions for Natural Hair

For a girl who loves long hair extensions, there are forever 2 options to select from. Whether you want real hair or synthetic hair? Hard question, definitely yes, as both have a rising market demand and they also have their pros and cons. So which should you select?

Synthetic hair extensions

These are artificial hair produced by different firms in different ways. Each firm synthetic hair may differ depending on the price and standard.

Synthetic hair extensions are most general in people who cannot afford t he top rates of artificial hair extensions. Why? Because these are convenient, affordable and the work efficiently, these let you try different appears without getting out of budget.

Natural hair extensions

These are true hair from a real persons head. But why you would someone use any other lady hair? That’s because synthetic hair cannot be heat curled and styled, and human hair extensions are the solution to it.

Its standard is way perfect than synthetic ones, be careful though, the price tag also goes for a hike. But once strapped with your hair, they look real and perfect.

Some people sell their hair because they want to look different, but most of the time, many ladies sell it because they need cash. And we are discussing about girls selling their hair in a community where long hair is considered an ornament for the lady, a beauty symbol. This is an exploitation which is going on for 100s of years.

Types of natural hair extensions

There are many kinds of hair extensions all different by the manner they are linked.  W have found this to be the Best Texture for Black Women seeking the permed look!

The primary one is clip-in hair extensions. It is the fastest and simplest way to go for. Bu the speedy relief comes with an exchange-off, as they look like an artificial. The advantage, once hooked, you can also wash them like you clean your own hand.

Then comes Glue-in hair extensions. Keratin bonds are applied with the hair extensions to link them using a warm tool. The hair look pretty true but you need to take care of them and visit hair salon regularly.

Now comes Micro bead hair extensions, the most famous type of hair extensions. The hair extension is clamped to your hair, which is more cost-friendly than any other technique. The remarkable thing, you can also dye, clean and condition hair without any problem. It is durability is likely to last for 6 to 12 months.

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